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Kitchen Lights

Kitchens are no longer just a functional room to carry out a task, they are now considered one of the most important rooms in the house, the heart of the home, a social hub.

As well as being functional we want our kitchen to make a statement, at Find A Light we have numerous styles, colours and finishes to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

What lights can we use in our kitchen?

  • Flush ceiling light in the centre of the Kitchen makes a lot of sense, providing light to reach all corners without being intrusive. With finishes in chrome, gold, black, brass, or glass, in various shapes including round and square.
  • Hanging pendant lights in the kitchen are a great fit for over a dining table or island/over work surfaces, providing a downwards focal point.
  • LED panels lights are flat to the ceiling, ideal in a low ceiling room, usual modern in design with LED technology. Some are available with the remote control to adjust the luminous colour and brightness.
  • Spotlights allow for flexibility, they can be rotated and pivoted making it easier to achieve the perfect light in all areas of your kitchen.
  • Under-cabinet lights are drilled or stuck on the underside of kitchen units directing light on to the work surface in the kitchen, providing illumination where you need it. Sometimes left on in the evening to add some warmth to a kitchen.
  • Downlighters provide excellent lighting in the kitchen ceiling, their clean unobtrusive appearance appeals to many.
  • Wall Lights usual used to dress a kitchen/dining room, they are used more as an atmospheric light rather than a functional light.

Can you use LED lights in the kitchen?

Yes, you can, LED fitting are widely used in the Kitchen because of the light they emit also, they are so economical to run, choose between replaceable LED light bulbs or fittings with built-in LED.

Are kitchen light dimmable?

Yes, if your light fitting takes a bulb you can dim the fitting by using an LED dimmable bulb, see our Luxram range of bulbs, making sure your light switch is suitable for LED dimmable bulbs.
If you choose a kitchen light with built-in LED, check out the product details to see if it says dimmable, if it does, great. Making sure your light switch is suitable for LED dimmable bulbs.