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Ceiling Lights

Lights to brighten your home.

Ceiling lights are the main source of illumination in most rooms, dispersing light through the room from the highest point of the room. Providing functional lighting to allow you to see what you are doing, they are also a key part of your interior design and home styling, influencing your wall coverings, colour scheme, fabrics, and furniture.

All rooms need to be lit correctly to function properly and comfortably. With dimmer switches ceiling lights can change the ambience in a room immediately. Find A Light have available a vast range of ceiling lights, from contemporary to traditional, modern to vintage, something to suit your home decor scheme.

Each room in your home will need different ceiling lights, a beautiful feather pendant in your bedroom is not going to work in your kitchen. Choose the ceiling light to suit the function of the room. You may find searching “By Rooms” on the Find A Light website helpful when making your decision

What are the main types of ceiling lights?

  • Centre light fitting – position the lighting in the center of your sitting room or living room to illuminate the whole area.
  • Pendants –  to illuminate a specific area, ie your kitchen island.
  • Cluster/Spiral – light fixtures are height adjustable and work well suspended in a high ceiling hallway or stairwell, sitting room or dining room.
  • Over Island, over the table – cage lights, bar lights, or individual pendants are all popular fittings for above an island or table. Most lights come with adjustable cables allowing them to be shortened, or rise and fall, up/downlight can be adjusted as need be.
  • Lanterns – traditionally used in porches and entrance halls to welcome visitors, lanterns are now widely used all over the home. Recently lanterns are hung over kitchen islands or tables creating an elegant, on trend focal point.
  • Flush ceiling light fitting – meaning mounted to the ceiling. Flush fittings work well in a low ceiling area with height constrictions.
  • Semi-flush lights –  are low hanging lights with a short solid suspension creating a small gap between the ceiling and the fitting, usually installed in a low ceiling area.
  • Spotlights – adjustable fitting used to concentrate light on an area or element.
  • Track lighting – used in home and commercially, by directing the lighting on the track you can illuminate and highlight different areas or objects from the one power source.
  • Recessed downlighters – recessed into the ceiling, they create an uncluttered spacious feel while giving a sleek modern look.

Can I install ceiling lights myself?

Our ceiling lights are all straightforward to install and each one comes with detailed step-by-step instructions. Find A light do however recommend that you use a qualified electrician to install your lighting.

Can I use any ceiling light in my bathroom?

Regulations are very strict in terms of which fittings can be used in a bathroom. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating refers to the amount a bathroom light is protected from moisture and dust entering the light fitting. Every light fitting is given an IP rating that relates to its moisture and dust resistance. An IP44 rating or above is an essential requirement for lighting to be deemed safe for use in the bathroom. Bathrooms also have different zones and the zones determine what type of light you may use within that zone. Plese check our guide following this link.