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Indoor Lights

The importance of lighting in your home.

You realise how important lighting is when you try function in a badly illuminated area. Indoor lighting for your home does more than just light a room. Good lighting allows us to create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere to wind down after a long hard day. By increasing the illumination for work or hobby or perhaps to read the latest best seller everything becomes far more enjoyable and comfortable. Task/work lighting allows us to prepare a meal in comfort, atmospheric lighting can create ambiance at the dining table while you enjoy the meal. Good lighting has become as much a part of your homes décor as furniture has.


What type of lighting should I use and where?

At Find A Light we know as well as looking fabulous the objective of good lighting design is to provide each space with sufficient lighting to properly perform the tasks normally associated there.


In the sitting/living room lighting would usually come from the ceiling lightwall lights or table and floor lamps. Zone lighting can be created for example by placing a floor lamp beside an armchair or sofa enabling you to read comfortably.


In the dining room people traditional try to create a relaxed leisurely atmosphere with subdued ceiling lighting hanging over the dining table, providing good zone lighting at the table. It’s always helpful to install a dimmer switch in the dining room for the occasion you may need more light.


Kitchen lighting usually comes from downlights which provide great light and clean lines, or spotlights directed at the working areas in the kitchen. cabinet lighting is very effective for working areas and can provide atmosphere lighting in the evening when all other lighting is switched off. Individual or numerous hanging pendant makes a great statement over a kitchen island or peninsula.


Bedroom lighting can range from a basic fabric lampshade to a chandelier and can be very traditional or contemporary, people usually want something cosy for the bedroom. A bedside table lamp or touch lamp can be helpful while reading in bed, or you may prefer a wall light with a directional lamp.


If your hallway can take a large impressive lighting fitting go for it, this is a great way to impress visitors and the range Find A Light have for you to choose from is vast. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have this luxury and our hallways are much smaller and often narrow spaces, if this is the case, we would suggest perhaps a ceiling light with simple clean lines or perhaps a flush/semi flush fitting.


Bathroom lighting. There are some beautiful bathroom IP rated chandeliers but in general most people tend to want something simple and fresh for their bathroom ceiling lighting. Recessed spotlight are also another very popular bathroom lighting choice. Mirror lights while used to shave and apply make-up can also add atmosphere as well as be functional.

Is LED lighting the best technology for home lighting?

Yes, Find A Light would always recommend LED as the most versatile and economical type of lighting. Available in many different versions, from filament bulbs to smart home lighting bulbs. LED bulbs are not just more economical then conventional bulbs they are also much longer-lasting.

Tips to help you choose the right LED bulb for your interior lighting.

Warm white LED bulbs are used to create a pleasant, cosy feeling in your room. Ideal for living rooms and bedrooms and other relaxation areas.

Cool white and natural white LED bulbs create a clear, crisp clinical light. A good light for work in an office/study or indeed your bathroom.

Where Find A Light source of our lighting.

Guaranteed to brighten any décor Find A Light source quality affordable lighting from around the world, as well as buying from renowned brands such as Dar LightingSearchlight  Eglo, and Ideal Lux. We also stock top quality Luxram bulbs. Our range of lighting includes traditional, sleek contemporary, modern, industrial, rustic, vintage period and all the latest lighting trends.