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Endon - XL Decorative Amber Bulb

Endon-80169 - Endon - XL Decorative Amber Bulb
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Endon - XL Decorative Amber Bulb

The perfect light accessory, this large 200mm dia amber tinted glass anti-glare LED energy saving lamp has a subtle warm light output, without compromising on style for that authentic light effect. Featuring an internal etched acrylic cylinder to diffuse the light and reduce glare. The perfect addition to exposed light designs for today's stylish homes, less glare, still achieving that on trend bar, hotel look.

Brand : Endon 

Product Code : 80169

Lamp Socket : E27 

Dimmable : No

Wattage (W) : 2.8W

Lumens (Lm) : 120 lm

Colour Temperature (Kelvin) : 1800 K - Warm White

Energy Rating : G

Height : 24.1 cm

Diameter : 20 cm

Product range name and SKU: Endon - 80169

This product is supplied by Endon

Product Info
Brand Endon
Product Code 80169
Energy Efficiency Class G
Lamp Holder Type E27
Colour Temperature (Kelvin) 1800 K
Colour Amber
Is it Dimmable? No
Lumens (Lm) 120 lm
Wattage (W) 2.8W

How bright is a light bulb?

Because the Lumen output from different manufacturers will vary. Here's a quick and easy guide to approximate total Lumen output.

Approximate lumens output chart



2600 Lumens (lm) 150W
1600 Lumens (lm) 100W
1100 Lumens (lm) 75W
800 Lumens (lm) 60W
450 Lumens (lm) 40W

Understanding LED colour temperature and the Kelvin scale

understanding-kelvin-scale-warm-whiteColour temperature 2000K to 3000K, the light produced is often referred to as a "warm white", "soft white",  occasionally called a "candle white". It ranges from orange-ish to yellow-ish white in appearance. This kind of light is attractive, enjoyable, comfortable and relaxing.

Colour temperature 3100K to 4500K, the light produced is often referred to as a "neutral white", "bright white" or "natural white". Light sources within this range will emit a more neutral white light and may even have a slightly blue tint. This kind of light is bright, vibrant and clean appearing.


Colour temperature 4600K and above, the light produced is often referred to as a "cool white", "pure white" or "day white". Light sources in this range will have a blue-ish white tint to them. The higher the number, the more blueish it will appear.  This kind of light will appear crisp, invigorating and energetic.

Please refer to full guide described in the main LED bulbs description

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